DONN T38 FR Ceiling Grid

As the most widely used exposed grid system, DONN is manufactured in South Africa to ISO quality standards,  ensuring consistent superior quality and supply.

The patented Quick-Release Clips (QRC) on the cross tees are manufactured using cutting edge steel alloy for superior clip accuracy and resilience. The familiar DONN “click” ensures piece of mind that the cross tees will not accidentally fall out during installation. DONN cross tees are easy to remove without tools, the override-ends resist twisting and give a professionally finished look without exposed steel edges.

The latest generation main tees include a fire notch which ensures maximum performance when it

matters,  as the new DONN T38 FR and Gyproc Celotex tile system ha
s been independently tested by the CSIR and achieved a 60min fire rating and is protected by the Saint-Gobain Gyproc SpecSure System Performance Warranty.

The grid is steel capped with a light reflective snow white capping and the DONN T38 FR components can be used in both general and fire-rated applications; its galvanised steel body inhibits rust. The DONN system offers appropriate load-carrying capacities for acoustical panels, light fixtures and air distribution elements, and features convenient punch outs for easier thread through wiring.

The new DONN T38 FR grid is fully compatible and interchangeable with previous DONN T38V grids.

  • Main Tee: Size – 3600mm, Quantity – 20/box
  • Cross Tee: Size – 1200mm, Quantity – 60/box
  • Cross Tee: Size – 600mm, Quantity – 60/box

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