Donn ultraSteel stud and Track

The rigid metal is now an integral feature of the UltraSTEEL™ drywall systems. With this new patented UltraSTEEL™ process it is clear that Gyproc and DONN commit themselves to cost effective solutions, innovations and quality is setting new standards for the future in the use of drywall systems in the building industry.

The distinctive surface indentations and indexed H- Punch service hole are produced by the patented UltraSTEEL™ process. This increases the depth of the metal and, with work hardening, gives improved sectional qualities. The result is that lighter gauge steel gains significant strength characteristics superior to the present products on offer in the market.

DONN UltraSTEEL Safety Track. Our edge. Your productivity.

Why should you have to choose between speed and safety? With the innovative new DONN

UltraSTEEL Safety Track, safety comes first, but speed is a given. The introduction of a new folded edge allows for fast, comfortable installation without the risk of injury. Say goodbye to downtime – and hello to the latest in drywalling innovation.

Size: 52mm , 65mm, 103mm x 3mtr length UltraSTEEL track

51mm Donn UltraSTEEL Stud

OUR NEW INDEXED H-PUNCH C-shaped stud used in the 76mm wide GypWall Classic and FireStop systems.

 63.5mm Donn UltraSTEEL Stud

OUR NEW INDEXED H-PUNCH C-shaped stud used in the 89 wide GypWall Classic, DuraLine, FireStop and SoundBloc systems.

70 AS 50 AcouStud

Uniquely shaped stud used for increased acoustic performance with the profile absorbing sound as it passed through the wall. The studs are used in the GypWall SoundBloc system 70AS/F60S57.

 102mm Donn Ultra STEEL Stud

OUR NEW INDEXED H-PUNCH C-shaped stud that improves acoustic performance by increasing cavity width. Used in FireStop, MoistureResistant, and SoundBloc systems. Can also be used to achieve increased heights with single stud framework.

 102mm DonnFrame LB Stud

Load Bearing studs used in GypWall SoundBloc HiSpec systems with partition widths ranging from 300mm – 800mm. Eg: GypWall SoundBloc HiSpec 102LB/F180S81

146 S 50 C Stud

Stud used in SoundBloc Plus systems namely:

GypWall SoundBloc Plus 146LB/F60S66RB1 and

GypWall SoundBloc Plus 146LB/F60S66RB2

Install Resilient Bars to improve performance.

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